July 10, 2011

Startiing To Continue

New Blog today. Needed to freshen up a bit. For those of you that have visited my Fosteraholics Anonymous blog, welcome to the new and improved Kitty In My Pocket! There's a story behind the name that some of you may know ;)

 Thanks for coming along with me on this kitteh cuddlin' heart a meltin' super squeelin journey of wonder! For those of you that don't know what it's all about, it's about the cutest little mini kittehs in the world! I mean so stinkin cute you can hardly stand it. Just wait!

The kittehs you see here are all rescued kittehs from our local Humane Society in which I serve. Most of them are eensy little buggers in need of snugglin and plumpin, but you will see the occasional all grown up ones too. I am so addicted to fostering that I take em' all! As of now I have...

The pleasingly plumpish Lily (hospice foster, cancer survivor)

The amazingly admirable (no name yet) broken leg boy

No worries, it doesn't break his stride ;)


There's the cutest...
Most teensiest...


Squeel your heart out!

It only gets better from here.
Stay tuned =)

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