August 26, 2011

I'm a Big Girl Now!

Kisses is growing like a weed, whether I want her to or not. I can't believe it, but she is over 2lbs now! This means that she has reach the milestone...the top of the hill...the time to find a family of her own. I knew this time would come, but boy does it seem like it came too soon!

 Kisses has been one special kitten. I've fostered kittens from birth to adult cats for over 5 years now. I have fond memories of them all, but every once in a while you get one that just has something more. Kisses is definitely one of those.

Let's relive her journey...

Kisses came into the shelter at a mere 2 weeks old, by herself, no siblings. She was brought to me carried in a coworkers shirt. Of course everyone knows that I am the major sucker for these eensy ones. I saw her adorable little face, her bright eyes, and pudgy belly and was instantly smitten! I couldn't help but take her home. Unfortunately, the alternative would have been euthanasia.

I brought Kisses to and from work with me everyday for several weeks. She became a celebrity amongst the shelter employees. Everyone always asked about her, held her, kissed her and oogled over her cuteness. I fed her during my breaks an she had lunch with me everyday.

After having Kisses for a couple of weeks, Dog-A-Thon came along. We met the itty bitty kitties and spent some time answering phones at Laurie's..
Kisses was the teeniest kitten ever on the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee's Dog-A-Thon fundraiser set!

Even Laurie adored Kisses! And with her camera and amazing photography skills she captured the cutest pictures of my little one!

Kisses wasn't even a handful of kitty yet!

Kisses was off to a slow start, being orphaned so young, and it took her a bit to pack on the pounds...err...ounces. But after a few weeks she was developing into an adorably pot bellied little angel!
She quickly went from all head..

To all belly...

As she got bigger...

And bigger...


Now here we are, a whole 10 weeks after our first meeting, and little Kisses has grown into a sweet, spunky, independant little stink! And I love her to pieces! She deserves the most amazing family and I will have her until they come along. Wish her luck!

Kisses, I love you!

Kitten In My Pocket (1)

Kitten In My Pocket (1)

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