August 11, 2011

Kisses Cuddles With Camden

At first I thought, OMG how cute..Camden fell asleep on the couch and looked so precious. Then I realized Kisses was laying with him and about squeeled to death! Is this not the most precious thing ever! She figured this was the only oppurtunity to catch him holding still for a bit. =)

Life Can't get any cuter for me =)

2 squeels:

KatBoxJanitor said...

She is still so very teensy looking. Wonderful foto!

Kitty Kisses said...

She's an itty bitty girl. She's still trying to play 'catch up' since her rough beginning. She's 1lb7oz now. At 8 weeks, thats alot smaller than most. But she's got more spunk than the rest of em' I'm sure!

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