September 23, 2011

Kitten Kyootness!

Sorry for the lag in posts, my camera died and I've been a busy busy bee!! BUT, I have lots of ADORABLE pics and vids to make up for it ;)

For those of you just joining (or with short term memory loss) I will introduce the fiesty five once more.

The 'Lover Boy' Kipper

'Mrs.  Mischevious' Mackenzie

'Momma's Boy' Toley

Miss Independant Lulu

'The Talker' Cherry

3 squeels:

Katnip Lounge said...

OMG!!! Too much cute!! I'd never be able to go to work.

KatBoxJanitor said...

Kipper is lookin' great! The rest of the Feisty 5 are also lookin' Fabulous and fun.

Tortie Mack sure looks like she gets into endless 'situations'...and plans not to stop during her lifetime!

Sigh....I would love to lie down on the floor and pretend the kittens are the Lilliputions!

Moya said...

Oh wow! Kipper looks great--I am so happy for him. You did a remarkable job. They are all adorable--a fabulous, feisty five indeed. I love naughty torties (and have one on my lap right now).

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