February 7, 2012

Hello... Is anybody home???

 We're baaaack! Can you believe it? I apologize for the extreme SLACKING on my part. I know it's been a vacation and a half since I last posted >.< Forgive me?? LOTS has happened, but now I'm ready to get back int he swing of things!

 So let's catch up on things, shall we?

 I am sorry to say that the last five babies that were posted are dancing in kitty heaven with all the tuna and sparkle balls their hearts can desire. Kipper brought home Feline Luekemia and I took a hard hit from the news. This played a great part in the wind being taken out of my blogging sail.

 After a very short break, I have continued to foster(duh!). After all, this fostering business isn't just for the fun of playing with adorable babies. These little (and big) buggers need me!

 'Kitten season' is almost at a lull right now and I have not had too much going on here. BUT, let me remind you that the term 'too much' almost doesn't exist in my fostering vocabulary. So of course this means I only have a couple of fosters ;) One being a very stinkin' cute Netherland Dwarf rabbit of only 10 weeks! Wait til you see it! >.< Pics are coming soon (as my batteries charge) I promise! The other is a sweet older kitten of about 6 months. She was brought to the shelter and although there were a few interested people wanting to meet her, she wasn't having any part of that. After spending several days in the cattery, she was not getting any better. All she wanted to do was hide in her little box and protest anyone daring to come close. I, of course, took that as a challenge and brought her home. She surely would not find a home with that attitude.

 This little girl as been with me for a few days now and I'm slowly making her like me (whether she wats to or not!) =) Needless to say, she's coming around! Today was the first day I was able to get her to play with toys. Speaking of playing, she's running through the kitchen enjoying the quiet nighttime here while she can. I think she's going to be a normal loving kitty in no time. Oh and did I mention she's an adorable polydactal baby!?? ;)

Thanks for the tuna mom!
No name yet. T'will come soon! Promise.
Stay tuned!!

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Random Felines said...

We are so sorry to hear about the babies - we had that happen last spring and it just...sucks.

That house panther is pretty adorable and we know you will have her ready to go in no time!

~*Connie*~ said...

fostering can be so hard, and not so much the giving back part. When I tell people I foster, that is what they think is the hard part..

I'm sorry for their lives being so short, but they were blessed while they were here, and that is what is important.

Good for you for taking an older kitty and giving it a chance to remember that people are good. I'm sure in time she'll remember and be thankful.

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

We meant to say commiserations when we first read this but...we forgot. (Poor little Kipper man, you fought so hard there, too, hey?) You folks who foster have hearts so big that when you lose some it can be too much to bare. But the kittens and critters that come after and we, the adoring readers appreciate it that you can go on. Thank-you.

Moya said...

I was so sad for you and those beautiful angels. It must have been so terrible. I'm so sorry--you did such a lot for those kittens and I am sure they will all always have a place in your heart, especially little Kipper. Welcome back. I love the new babies by the way.

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