February 16, 2012

Meet Dudley & Duncan =)

 After having Jasmine, my unsocial little polydactal baby go off to a rescue, I was ready for some more 'socializer' babies. Then came Dudley!
 This adorable cross-eyed hissy pants of a kitten. After coaxing him to eat and allow me to touch him a few times (not that he liked it at all) I was determined to take him home and foster him until he was more social.

 Little did I know, he was soon to be reunited with his equally adorable (and hissy) little brother!

 The man who had trapped and brought in little Dudley, came back to the shelter a few hours later to turn in his brother! Now I just HAD to take them both home! And so of course, I begged to be able to foster and socialize these borderline feral boys and brought them home with me that night.

 They have been with me for a few days now and I am VERY slowly making progress with them. It will take ALOT to get these boys to completely trust us humans after being born outside to a wild mommy, living off of shrews and garbage for several weeks and then bei8ng trapped and taken away from the only security they knew, Momma. But, I will be momma now and do my best to gain their trust. In due time I think they will come around. ;)

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~*Connie*~ said...

oh you can do it!! Sending happy cuddly thoughts their way

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

My Zorro was a feral baby. How old do you think yours are? He was about the same size when I trapped him and brought him home. and he is b/w like your babies. couldn't catch his sibling though...

Kitty Kisses said...

These boys are about 8-10 weeks old.

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