March 2, 2012

Goodbye Boys!

Duncan and Dudley were taken to Seattle to a rescue that is going to work on finding them the perfect home. Unfortunately they would not be adoptable through our shelter as companion animals. Hopefully they find a great barn to catch mice in! ;) I am glad I had the oopurtunity to meet those boys and find an out for them. I will be keeping tabs on their progress and will be ure to keep you all in the loop as well.

 As for now, it's just one adorable baby bunny here. Can you believe it!? I'm sure it wont last long though. The pregnant mommas and mom's with newbies have been trickling into the shelter showing us that kitten season is around the corner. Stay tuned ;)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to the boys. Bet they make great barn cats.

wotsac said...

Ah well - the Pacific NW ought to be a fairly comfortable spot for a barn cat. I visited a farm with a barn cat in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago, and he seemed quite happy with his life (even if he probably deserved to be inside). I've been taming a feral indoors for a couple years, but it's not for every cat or every person. But he's got the right personality for taming. And he was able to do an important job in the house, helping my other cats to get along, while he is learning to trust me.

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