July 25, 2011

Frisky Frolicking

Last night I got suckered in to bringing home two more kittens. Something about their spitfire attitude made me think they HAD to come to my house. Who else would put up with these two little buggers?

It is going to take some time and ALOT of 'hands on' to get these two girls outta their shell, but I am up for the challenge. They are extremely undersocialized and probably had a feral momma. But goodness are they stinkin' cute!

I plan to take a video of their progress each day. Just showing their reaction each time I reach into their crate to touch them. Last night was the first one. The curled up into little balls as small as they could and hissed at me. One of them is a more scared than the other, and she likes to growl at me. Little booger.

I will show those videos later, They can wait. THIS video is a MUST SEE!

I let them out tonight to see if they were more comfortable with me when I wasn't reaching into a crate and cornering them. I sat quietly and watched them romp around the room. I was expecting them to immediately find a corner to hide in. The shyer of the two roamed a bit, but was still cautious, her sister on the other hand...

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janna said...

Is the video gone??? I would love to see your almost-feral kittens -- my Harley was feral when I adopted her. Eight years later, she's still kind of skittish.

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