September 5, 2011

Full House!

 I have been slacking on keeping you all posted on the kittehs here. This is NOT because there isn't much going on.

 Everyone knows Kisses right? ;) Well she got spayed and is waiting for her furrever family now. i will be keeping her until they come along. She is doing great and growing like crazy! She's still spunky as ever, as if nothing ever happened. No worries about this girl, she's a tank!

 As for the other little ones...

There's Lulu!
This little one came in by herself a couple of weeks ago. I quickly found her a friend...

It's Tolley!
He came in the same day as Lulu. They were both lonely sin gletons crying for attention. So I gave them each other, and brought them home ;)



Mackenzie and Cherry!
(tortie)        (orange)

These girls were irresistable. Just a wee bit bigger than the previous two. But barely! I had to bring them home too! Unfortunately, these guys were all a bit too small for me to leave at the shelter overnight, so I either had to find a foster for them immediately, or take them myself. And of course...I TOOK THEM! =)

What an adorable little family! look at Kisses playing Big Sis! =)

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KatBoxJanitor said...

Kisses' expression is something along the lines of 'Where did THEY come from???', but she is a beautiful older sis and she will surely show the newbies the ropes.

Be careful world!!!

Tolley & Mackenzie's eyes seem to still have that itty kitten blue...are they that much younger or have their eyes just stayed that color?

Random Felines said...

OMC - Kisses is big enough to be spayed??? When did that happen??? MOL What a cute misses tiny kittens. :)

Katnip Lounge said...

They are adorable, fingers crossed they find wonderful homes. And bless you for taking in Kipper, he's gonna be a special boy.

Brigitte said...

Oh that is just too much...! Look at Kisses, all big sister and ready to teach them all kinds of fun stuff!!

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