September 9, 2011

Who's feeling kipper??

 So who want's to know how my little Kipper is doing?

 I am proud to say this little tiger is GREAT! He's still chugging along, getting playful and even has a little pot belly now! He's eating on his own quite well and is such a little love bug. This boy was not going to give up, and I wasn't gonna let him. I am so happy to say that I have no doubt that he will be a perfectly happy and healthy little boy in no time, cuz he's alomst there! I'm giving him antibiotics for his cold, and still giving him his vitamins just in case, but I have been able to stop several other meds, ointments and fluids with no problem. =)

 I had Kipper isolated from the other kittens since he was new, and had the sniffles. But Kipper had another idea. Two nights ago, he squeezed out of his crate and I awoke to find him romping around with the other kittens in my room. I have to say, it was quite adorable and I was so happy to see him playing and acting like a normal kitten! Him and Mackenzie decided that they would both go back into his crate and cuddle in his bed afterwards. So I think they are going to be BFFs ;)

 So now that you guys know he is doing wonderfully and is looking better each day, you wanna see him right?? =)

Look at the new and improved KIPPER!!

His eyes are no longer gooping up and his 2nd eyelids have gone done.
His face is filling in a bit as he gains weight too! He may actually look
like a normal kitten soon! WOOOT

And OMG look at that round little tummy! You go Kipper!!

Keep on truckin' buddy. I'm rootin' for ya!

5 squeels:

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh he is SO MUCH improved! He looks like he might be a long-haired guy, I can't wait to see him fill out and get bigger.

Ann Rose said...

SO glad to see this update! Kipper's going to grow up to be big and handsome and the love of some lucky person's life, I can just feel it.

KatBoxJanitor said...

Go, Kipper!!!!
I am so glad to see how well he has responded to his intensive loving care. He is determined to do his 'mission' in life!

Brigitte said...

Yay Kipper! And look at all that kitten fuzz too!

Anonymous said...

What a great job you are doing with him, such an improvement!

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