July 11, 2011

Hard At Work

Kisses was a fill in for the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee's fundraising receptionists!

Although it didn't take long for her to give up. Those phones are crazy and those Itty Bittys work their butts off! Her widdle self could only handle so much!

 So she decided to have a photo shoot with the amazing Laurie!
She was shown her amazing arts and crafts.
How cute is that tiny pin!?

It was an exausting day for her widdle self!
So she needed some relaxing cuddle time.

July 10, 2011

Startiing To Continue

New Blog today. Needed to freshen up a bit. For those of you that have visited my Fosteraholics Anonymous blog, welcome to the new and improved Kitty In My Pocket! There's a story behind the name that some of you may know ;)

 Thanks for coming along with me on this kitteh cuddlin' heart a meltin' super squeelin journey of wonder! For those of you that don't know what it's all about, it's about the cutest little mini kittehs in the world! I mean so stinkin cute you can hardly stand it. Just wait!

The kittehs you see here are all rescued kittehs from our local Humane Society in which I serve. Most of them are eensy little buggers in need of snugglin and plumpin, but you will see the occasional all grown up ones too. I am so addicted to fostering that I take em' all! As of now I have...

The pleasingly plumpish Lily (hospice foster, cancer survivor)

The amazingly admirable (no name yet) broken leg boy

No worries, it doesn't break his stride ;)


There's the cutest...
Most teensiest...


Squeel your heart out!

It only gets better from here.
Stay tuned =)

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