March 24, 2012

Babies Are A Bouncin!

 Daphne and Co. are doing wonderfully! With happy little furr fluffs with fat little tummies theres not much more you could ask for. The little ones are learning how to play and are fiestier each and every day. I LOVE this stage!! It's so darn cutre to watch them learn how to play and sneak attack each other, My cat "Squishy" happens to think they're  pretty cool himself. Anyone that will play with him is A+ in his book.

 Babies are stareting to show interest in MOmma's nummies and I bet it's only a week or so before they begin to chow on their own. That's always fun (and messy) times too!
I apologize for taking oh so long to name the little ones but I have to admit that this special someone has had a nickname all along that is gonna have to stick so I formally introduce you to.... Kramer! =)

March 19, 2012


For Nanny the Bun Bun =)

 This litle girl LOVES when i set up the 'playpen' for her =)

Veggiues and boxes and toys! OH MY!!

But I dunno, the kitties may love it even more! O.O

There's always a kitty or two sneaking in with the bun bun for some playtime ;) Little stinkers!

March 18, 2012


Since it's late and I don't have much news other than my crew is doing GREAT! I will bombard you with an immense amount of adorable pics to squeel over!! =D


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