September 10, 2011

Goodbye Kisses

Yes, it's that time.

 Kisses was adopted today!

 I am happy she has found a family but am so sad to see her go. As many of you know, she was a truly special little girl and I will miss her dearly. Today was exactly 12 weeks after the first day i met that adorable little girl. After many trips to and from work with me, many lap naps with her, several struggles and sleepless nights of bottle feeding and all, I can say I would do it all over again just to savor those precious moments again. But...she deserves her forever family and I have to think of her, not me.

 I am confident that this girl went to a wonderful family and I am hoping to get updates and pictures of her as she adjusts to a new home. She will have a doggie friend and 2 other kitties to live with. I think she will enjoy it all.

 I will be sure to share any updates that I get from her new family. Good luck Kisses. I hope you have a wonderful life baby girl!

September 9, 2011

Who's feeling kipper??

 So who want's to know how my little Kipper is doing?

 I am proud to say this little tiger is GREAT! He's still chugging along, getting playful and even has a little pot belly now! He's eating on his own quite well and is such a little love bug. This boy was not going to give up, and I wasn't gonna let him. I am so happy to say that I have no doubt that he will be a perfectly happy and healthy little boy in no time, cuz he's alomst there! I'm giving him antibiotics for his cold, and still giving him his vitamins just in case, but I have been able to stop several other meds, ointments and fluids with no problem. =)

 I had Kipper isolated from the other kittens since he was new, and had the sniffles. But Kipper had another idea. Two nights ago, he squeezed out of his crate and I awoke to find him romping around with the other kittens in my room. I have to say, it was quite adorable and I was so happy to see him playing and acting like a normal kitten! Him and Mackenzie decided that they would both go back into his crate and cuddle in his bed afterwards. So I think they are going to be BFFs ;)

 So now that you guys know he is doing wonderfully and is looking better each day, you wanna see him right?? =)

Look at the new and improved KIPPER!!

His eyes are no longer gooping up and his 2nd eyelids have gone done.
His face is filling in a bit as he gains weight too! He may actually look
like a normal kitten soon! WOOOT

And OMG look at that round little tummy! You go Kipper!!

Keep on truckin' buddy. I'm rootin' for ya!

September 5, 2011

Not always rainbows and sunshine...

I have yet to introduce...

A very special little guy.

Kipper came to the shelter with several other kitties. most of which were not in the greatest of health. Unfortunately, this little guy had the worst of it. Believe it or not, this picture was taken today, after several days of nursing him back to health. If you had seen this boy the first night he was here, it would have brought tears to your eyes as it did mine.
I decided to bring Kipper home even though I had 5 others, because I could not bear to think of what may happen to him had I left him alone that night. Kipper was extremely underweight, dehydrated, listless and showing severe Upper Respiratory Infection signs. His eyes were swollen, full of pus and glued completely shut. He was 10oz of nothing but skin and bones. When I checked on him last Wednesday night, he was laying limp and quiet. I knew then that if I didn't take him home, I would likely come back to a lifeless kitten on the morning.

I scooped this little guy up and brought him into the vet treatment area. The vet staff were already gone for the night. I should have been gone myself, but I just couldn't leave without checking on this little one first. I immediately gave him fluids, force fed him a bit, washed the diarrhea off of him and gave him a boost of vitamins and some meds. After that, I made him a nice warm rice pack and snuggled him into a carrier to take him home.

I continued to syringe feed him through the night, hoping I would wake to a half-way normal acting kitten. And that I did! I awoke to his little self screaming for attention and food! Just one night of pumping him full of goodies and he was almost like brand new!

I have continued to give him fluids daily as well as vitamins and meds for his eyes and tummy, and he has continued to do better and better. His eyes stay open and no longer glue shut at night. He cries for attention and has even started to purr for me! I have faith that this little one will soon be a beautiful,bouncy little boy! Wish him luck =)

Full House!

 I have been slacking on keeping you all posted on the kittehs here. This is NOT because there isn't much going on.

 Everyone knows Kisses right? ;) Well she got spayed and is waiting for her furrever family now. i will be keeping her until they come along. She is doing great and growing like crazy! She's still spunky as ever, as if nothing ever happened. No worries about this girl, she's a tank!

 As for the other little ones...

There's Lulu!
This little one came in by herself a couple of weeks ago. I quickly found her a friend...

It's Tolley!
He came in the same day as Lulu. They were both lonely sin gletons crying for attention. So I gave them each other, and brought them home ;)



Mackenzie and Cherry!
(tortie)        (orange)

These girls were irresistable. Just a wee bit bigger than the previous two. But barely! I had to bring them home too! Unfortunately, these guys were all a bit too small for me to leave at the shelter overnight, so I either had to find a foster for them immediately, or take them myself. And of course...I TOOK THEM! =)

What an adorable little family! look at Kisses playing Big Sis! =)


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