August 6, 2011

Oodles of Fosters!

 I know I've been slacking on keeping you all posted on the babies. So now I get to bombard you with all that I have going on now!

The two fluffy tortie girls are doing great! They are still a bit scared but don't hiss much. One is a bit more friendly than the other, and she is now letting me pick her up without a problem! They love to run around and play together. I dunno if they should be split up. They're best buds!

Im sure everyone's dying to hear about Kisses. =)
Kisses is getting fat! She's eating well on her own and runs around the house like she owns the place. She's such a spunky little thing. She loves to play with any and EVERYTHING. The other kittens, my dogs, her toys, herself...anything! She's so much fun. She is now 1lb 6oz! It's crazy to think that when I brought her home she was only 6oz!

These were all taken in about a 15 minute time spn mind you!

Buddy, the adult kitty I had brought home with a broken leg, unfortunately was not healing and had to have the leg amputated =( Although it's disappointing that he had to lose the leg, he is healing wondefully and is still the sweetest thing EVER! I don't know that I can give this boy up! He loves to lounge on my bed all day and headbutt me for attention when I lay in bed. Ugh, he's a wonderful kitty. I have obviously interacted with ALOT of kitties and there's just something special about Buddy. *sigh*

And THEN....

I have a newbie =)


This is Kisses' new BFF! She is such a doll! She purrs nonstop and rubs all over you for attention. It's amazing how much charm comes out of little self! Kisses' LOVES her too! =)


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