September 25, 2011

The Fab Five

 The babies went in with me to work yesterday for their weigh-ins (my scale said kaplooey ;( ) and I can't believe how much they've grown! Kipper is still the smallest by but golley he's only a coupla of ounces behind! It's funny how only 2 of them are 'true' siblings yet they've all found a way to catch up with each other and are now all within 4 ounces of each other! This will make it to where they can all be fixed and adopted out at the same time. WOOT!
Kipper has plumped up to a hefty 1pound 9 ounces! That's over a pound more than he was 2 weeks ago!! GO KIPPER GO! The others are a wee bit ahead from 1lb 11oz - 1lb 13oz. I'm such a proud momma! The fatty err..biggest is Lulu! She was only 15 ounces when she came to me! I'm happy to see them fat and happy, but of course this means they're almost ready to leave the nest. At 2lbs they will be big enough to be fixed and find homes. As always it's tough to let them go when it seems so soon, but as a foster parent , my job is to plump them for their forever families and let them fly. XOXOXOX
As for now, enjoy some more adorable kitteh pics!!     >^.,.^<

Until they all have homes...

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