March 15, 2012

A Loving Mother And Her Wee Ones

 I am happy to say that Momma kitty is doing SO much better!!!

 Mom is taking wonderful care of her babes and is on the up and up herself! She has been eating a ton the last few days and has gotten her milk back. I have been feeding the babies with a bottle a couple of times a day just to be sure they are getting enough milk and not exhausting momma too much, but lemme tell ya, this momma does not like her babies away from her. She is the most nurturing little lady ever. Whenever she hears a little one crying she immediately comes over to check things out and 'talk' to the baby. It's just darling!

 The babies are all plump and happy! They are starting to develop their own little personalities and have began to bat at each other in play. It's so cute watching them learn how to be kitties! I can't wait to see them bouncing around, chasing each other and playing with toys! It's coming soon!

 I have named Momma Daphne, although I have nicknames for the little ones, I have yet to officially name them since their personalities are just now showing. Once I get to know them a wee bit better, names will follow. I am sure my daughter Ember will have much opinion in naming them as usual. =)

2 squeels:

Random Felines said...

ack - the cuteness. We have a 4 month old foster right now, but it just isn't same.....

Anonymous said...

so adorable and such a sweet mummy!

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